Activate Potential.
Empower Strong Relationships.
Cultivate Leaders.

At a certain point in your career, it is less about titles, salary, or validation. It’s about using your
time and talents to create the biggest positive impact.

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co-active coaching

Leadership Development Coaching

Transform your business at its Core. Your people.

Processes +

Operations +

People +

Let’s take your foundation and enhance it, getting the train moving in the right direction toward future proofing. This is the "+" part of what we do.

Move your team forward.
Start your Journey now.

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The "+" is your Journey.

The Journey makes the difference.

We take a critical look at your business. From the ground level we establish a cohesive and consistent way to grow, change and overcome challenges as a team. Use established frameworks along with individual strategies to customize the best way forward for your people and your organization.

Disconnected People = Suboptimal Productivity.

Business leaders know they pay a steep fine when their people are not on the same page. The
cost of conflict and disengagement can be insurmountable. Poor communication can ruin
teams and departments. Achieve balance in your organization once and for all.When processes
and methods don’t reflect or fulfill business goals, the imbalance affects every aspect of their
organization. It’s a systemic problem that threatens ideas, engagement and ultimately profit.

Unify your team.
Accomplish your goals.

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You have a solid business model.

You have extraordinary people.

But things still aren’t moving in the right direction. That’s where I come in…

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could simply snap our fingers and be where we need to be? Of
course. However, to move forward in reality, we must have the right plan, the right people and
the right path. The Journey is integral to everything.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

I coach individuals, teams, and leaders to unlock their potential, develop creative solutions, and achieve their objectives.

Executive Leadership Development Program

Coaching is not a one-and-done prospect. Evan has become a leader in his field by passionately applying his pragmatic, focused approach to cultivating high-performing teams. Naturally, it requires effort. It takes time to get to the heart of where we truly want to go. But once teams overcome what is really standing in the way, there is nothing they cannot achieve.

Acquire priceless team skills.
Unlock your team’s true potential.

Have you ever seen a major business problem fix itself?

It’s irresponsible to think team engagement will happen automatically. It’s naïve to believe that any popular business framework will solve your organization’s novel problems.

Even perfect processes and plans need engaged people, working
together to create superior productivity and profits…

That’s the Journey.

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What Others are Saying….


  • Sincere
  • Supportive
  • Passionate
  • Diplomatic
  • Curious
  • Confident
  • Collaborative

Brand Personas

Truth-teller; Caregiver; Confidence Emitter; Connector; Ambassador; Evangelist;
Comedian; Optimist; Wonderer;


Leadership Competencies

Relating; Inspiring; Expressing; Resourcing; Developing; Visioning


Leadership Style

Coaching/Mentoring; Collaborative; Inspirational; Egalitarian



Sincere; Supportive; Passionate; Diplomatic; Curious; Confident; Collaborative



Coaching; Relating to others; Building relationships; Communicating; Mediating