I help organizations move from groups of individual contributors to cohesive teams with creative, dynamic, co-active coaching.

Accelerate your team's journey to excellence without sacrificing productivity.

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Organizational Development and Business Consulting Services

You have a solid business model.

You have extraordinary people.

You need to get everything moving in the same direction.

That’s where I come in...

Intentional Human Group is a dynamic coaching enterprise that equips organizations with the foundational principles to level up.

Together, we develop a plan that promotes stronger relationships, team cohesiveness, and productivity while elevating the individual and galvanizing teams - a blueprint for long-term success.
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Learn how to boost your team's cohesiveness

Start here to read my articles on how to eliminate team fracturing and achieve cohesion. You can also read a chronological list of my articles on my articles page.

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Co-Active Coaching To Help Organizations Achieve Cohesion

Journey Builder

With my Journey Builder, I’ll help you clear the logjam and achieve clarity, agility, and results.

Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

As a Wiley Authorized Partner, I’ll help you and your teams overcome conflict, take responsibility for your collective goals, and achieve equanimity so that you, your teams, and your organization can achieve success.

Co-Active Coaching

With my Co-Active Coaching, I’ll help you uncover roadblocks and achieve results more efficiently and effectively.

Meet Your Next Business Coach

I’m Evan Wilson, a Team and Leadership Coach who works with organizations who are tired of hitting roadblocks in their productivity and team cohesiveness, regardless of the processes and tools they have put in place. My expertise will help you achieve results efficiently, effectively, and in a balanced way — even if you think you have tried everything.

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Evan Wilson - Holistic Coach